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Woodland Baptist Christian School is founded on Traditional Education principles.  We believe that education should be curriculum oriented and teacher-directed in a structured environment. These underlying principles are at the forefront as we teach our students the importance of individual accountability and Christian character.  At Woodland Baptist Christian School your child will receive a high-quality Christian education built inside of the structure of traditional education. 

Our scriptural emphasis is strictly based on the King James Bible. We do not believe in the theory of evolution, but teach the belief that Almighty God created us in His image and created the universe as we know it. Our curriculum is based on these Biblical principles.  

Woodland Baptist Christian School  utilizes multiple resources to help educate our children.  We primarily use the Abeka and BJU Press curriculums in the majority of our subjects we teach; however, we have chosen to use a different curriculum in some of our subjects if we feel that your child can receive an even higher level of learning through a different text.  All of the curriculum taught at our school  are approved by the state of NC to ensure your student will excel not only in our classrooms, but in future learning endeavors as well.


 Our school  offers Honors classes in all of our High School Core Subjects. (Math, English, History, and Science)  These courses are designed to challenge the mind of the student and require an additional course load of reading and assignments for the student who chooses to take this on this challenge.  These classes carry a higher GPA weight as well, awarding the students who excel in these challenging courses. 

Woodland Baptist Christian School is a member of both the NCCSA ( North Carolina Christian School Association and the AACS (American Association of Christian Schools).



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